Thursday, June 7, 2018

New Official Video from BIG BOI for new single "All Night":

New Official Video from BIG BOI for new single "All Night":

Just as Outkast-alum Big Boi finishes up the tail-end of his Fat Saxxx US Tour dates, he finally releases the visuals to his new global hit "All Night".  The video ushers in some feel-good weekend vibes, following a day in the life of a young man prepping for a special date that evening.  Big Boi humorously makes multiple cameos as supporting characters that meet & encourage the guy along the way.  Be on the lookout too for Big Boi as he's been casted in the reboot of 'Superfly', due out in mid-June.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

New Official Video from THE BLACK EYED PEAS for new single “Ring The Alarm Pt. 1, 2, & 3”:

New Official Video from THE BLACK EYED PEAS for new single “Ring The Alarm Pt. 1, 2, & 3”:

The LA-based collective The Black Eyed Peas, who haven’t performed together since 2011, make their return on their newest video “Ring The Alarm Pt. 1, 2, & 3”.  It’s the 1st single since Fergie’s recent departure from the group.  “Ring The Alarm” is driven by 3 distinct different sets of productions, and squeezes in a bizarre flip of Jack McDuff's jazzy sax from “Summertime” near the end – making this feels less global-experimental-electro, and more of a return to their grassroots underground hip-hop sound.  The video boosts woke rebellious tones; having each member dressed in revolution-commander gear fighting against an industrial goth army, and flashing clips of soldiers marching, Egyptian/Masonic symbols, golden fists, & a ski-masked woman (who isn’t Fergie) singing the hook.  Check it out!

Thursday, May 24, 2018

New Official Video from JIM JONES for his new single "Gotta Play The Game" ft. YFN Lucci:

On the heels of Jim Jones riding some momentum lately; with Dipset reuniting at RapCaviar Live, Jones announcing a Dipset tour that should kick off in June, and releasing his newest project 'Wasted Talent' in mid-April - he drops off the video for his latest single "Gotta Play The Game".  Jim & guest feature YFN Lucci, show off jewelery and toss cash at the camera, while shutting down the VIP section with their crew & admiring lady party-goers.  This vid's visuals were co-directed by Jones himself & Shula The Don.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

[FREEBIE SUNDAYS]: Static Major's PEN, Career Mix

{haven't done one of these in a while - this was partially inspired by my homies Nigel​ (for challenging me to look the credits up) & Brandon​ (for reminding me I haven't done a career mix in a long time}

For music collectors out there...
I'd like to welcome yall to our newest download pack,
The "STATIC MAJOR'S PEN" CAREER MIX, clocking in at over 6-hrs & 27-mins! Static, whose real name is Stephen E. Garrett, was an R&B singer, songwriter, ghostwriter, & producer from Louisville, KY - and founding member of the group PLAYA. After his group was signed to Def Jam and they released their debut album 'Cheers 2 U', he began working closely with & learning from producer Timbaland, so much so, that he became one of Tim's in-house reference singers & songwriters. He gained his 1st big career breakthrough in co-producing & co-writing Ginuwine's Platinum-hit "Pony". Since then he became a frequent writer for both Timbaland & Magoo and Aaliyah, even penning his 1st #1 for her, with "Try Again". By 2000, he branched off more into rap and aimed to write & make hooks for legends like Jay-Z, DMX, & Nas. In 2008, he co-wrote his first rap #1 hit with Lil Wayne on "Lollipop", and became instrumental in writing a bulk of radio hits for Pretty Ricky. That same year, during the recording of his own solo album, he unfortunately died young unexpectedly at just 33, from complications during surgery to treat an autoimmune disorder. In a career that only spanned 13 years where he mostly stayed behind the scenes, his wealth & song-credits seem to be respected only by true industry insiders, but he managed to write hits for a who's who of bigger R&B artists. He was definitely talented, ahead of his time, & deserved alot more hype they he received while alive. This mix is my research & testament to him, containing all singles of his & his group's, as well as every larger song he ghostwrote, co-wrote, and/or produced for others. I've attached a graphic of the tracklist & the download LINK is below, so please check it out & enjoy!!! 


(Please remember to replace the "XX" with "tt", to download correctly.)

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

New Official Video from STYLES P for his new single "Heat of the Night":

Here are the brand new visuals for the 1st single "Heat of the Night" from Styles' recent album 'G-Host'.  In true Ghost fashion, this Benji Filmz-directed video is a testament to his raw & gritty brand of hip-hop... with a bulk of the clips being he & his LOX comrades rhyming in the dark bridge-side, silhouetted against the iconic NY skyline, with occasional studio footage sprinkled throughout.  Check it out!

Friday, May 11, 2018

New Official Video from JUICY J for his new single "Choke Hold"

The Three 6 Mafia-founding, Memphis-vet, Juicy J returns for more club-chaos with the new video "Choke Hold", produced by $uicideboys.  This is the 3rd single from his Jan-2018 mixtape 'ShutDaFukUp'.  This CatchRec-directed vid has a gritty vintage vibe - with it's grainy, VHS-styled, footage of a secret garage; scenes of his crews' chains & tattoos; and blood-dripping stereos.  It's turn-up music but brings that deranged darkness too, that I miss from old 90s-Three 6 Mafia music.  Check it out!

Monday, May 7, 2018

New Official Video from KXNG CROOKED for his new single "Traintracks".

Today we return with a video to the new socially-charged single "Traintracks" from Long Beach-emcee KXNG CROOKED aka Crooked I, off his latest studio album 'Good Vs. Evil II: The Red Empire".  This song's powerful visuals are a short film directed by Edwin Escobar, rapped & narrated by KXNG CROOKED, telling the tragic story through the eyes of a young boy who sees his family ripped apart due to a racially-motivaed crime in 1932, and how the experience has followed him into adulthood.  Check it out & lemme know how you feel about it!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

New Official Video from TWISTA for his new single "Stackin' Paper".

The speedy Twista's been relatively quiet on the music-front over the past year or so. Today he’s back with his new single "Stackin' Paper" from his 2017 indie-release 'Crook County'.  Director Gravitii Films has plenty of ladies in sexy swimwear, with the Chi-town vet breaking out the Rolls Royce and chilling around his lavish mansion, while counting his cash.  Check it out!

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

New Official Video from ONYX for new-old single "Wut U Gonna Do?".

Now that they are back on US tour, we finally get visuals to the "new"-old single "Wut U Gonna Do?", which is off ONYX's 2014 indie LP 'Turndafucup'.  Just good old-fashioned grimy NY hip-hop, getting a 'live' video collage treatment ... containing clips of them performing on stage, studio footage, night-driving around NY city, their old school tour promo posters, & their "favorite party favors".  Also notable here, is that this video officially marks the 250th video job from underground rap director Myster DL.  Always good to hear & see ONYX records getting some love.  Check it out!

Monday, April 30, 2018

New Official Video for Major Lazer & Sean Paul's single "Tip Pon It".

A Major Lazer-assist leads to the return of Dancehall vet Sean Paul on their newest single "Tip Pon It".  Sean's one of the most recognizable voices and most successful, in crossover island music.  With it's synchy-moombahton flavor, thumping clubby bass plucks, & saucy reggae attitude - it's doubtful that anyone will be surprised if this jam becomes both a tropical radio hit & festival set favorite this upcoming season.  "Tip On It" comes hot on the heels of Sean's recent smash hits "Mad Love" with David Guetta & the platinum-selling "No Lie" featuring British singer Dua Lipa; and continues his latest streak of fusing together his brand of Jamaican dancehall with international electro-pop.  It's unique video takes it even further by presenting Sean in a "larger than life" stature.  Check it out!

Thursday, February 1, 2018


Aight boys & girls:

In closing the chapter of 2017 - here's my thoughts & rankings of my personal favorite MUSIC releases of the year.  Check it out, like it, share it, reply, comment, and if you'd like to - argue with me.  And if you disagree, lol... these are MY lists.  All jokes aside though, hopefully you might find a few new artists to discover & listen to.  Let's see what 2018 brings us!

PS - And if you would: also check out the Year-End Article of my friend, homie, associate, alum (and occasional rival, lol) Slin-K @  He's definitely another talented & skilled journalist... who just can't help finding ways to debate against me.  :)

Monday, November 27, 2017


Frederick Crute – born 11/27/56 in Antiqua, West Indies & grew up in Harlem, NY – is an American disc jockey, manager, promoter, & one of the founding fathers of radio Hip-Hop.

Raised in Harlem, attending school in the same neighborhood of the iconic Rucker Park, his 1st love was basketball.  Due to his natural reddish hair & “alert” sense when playing defense, he was given the nickname “Red Alert”.  After graduating DeWitt Clinton high school in the Bronx, he began attending Thursday/Friday night parties in downtown NYC.  Influenced by seeing the likes of DJ pioneers like Grandmaster Flowers, The Together Brothers, DJ Kool Herc, Grandmaster Flash, & Afrika Bambaataa; Red Alert began assembling his own record collection & equipment.  Athletically, a top-ranked hoops prospect, he earned a full scholarship to play at Hampton University in 1976.  After 3 semesters, Red Alert quit school & returned to Harlem, now as a full-time DJ working for Afrika Bambaataa.  During the late 1970s, when cassette tapes gained popularity, DJ Red Alert was the 1st DJ to record full mix compilations of non-live performances, in which he dubbed the name “Mixtapes”.  Traveling to venues throughout NYC, Long Island, Jersey, Connecticutt, & Philly - during the early 1980s, both Bambaataa & Red Alert became weekly guests at the legendary NY nightclubs – Danceteria, Negril, & The Roxy.  In 1982, While spinning at the Roxy, Red Alert met Barry Mayo, KISS 98.7’s Program Director, who gave him a job to inaugurate the station’s “Master Mix Party” showcase.  The Universal Zulu Nation selected Red Alert as their 1st official DJ at this time, and he’d later be named a member of the Rock Steady Crew.  KISS 98.7 hired 1 other DJ & fellow friend of Red Alert’s, Chuck Chillout - and for 11 years straight the duo ran the Master Mix Party, introducing the radio airwaves to new Hip-Hop music weekly from 1983-1994.  The 1994 corporate sale of KISS-FM caused it’s rebranding to a R&B/Classic Soul-only format - so Kool DJ Red Alert joined budding hip-hop station Hot 97.  He would historically hold down the same 2 DJ timeslots for the next 7 years.  Concerned with the station’s new direction, he made the move over to Power 105.1FM where he DJed for a 5-year stint.  In 2006, KISS-98.7 FM was rebranded back to include hip-hop again, and he was hired – where he’d finish out his radio career until his final mix on April 29th, 2012; when the station was sold again & converted to a sports-talk ESPN Radio NY station.

In 1986 Red Alert played a vital role in The Bridge Wars; being the 1st DJ nationally to break “South Bronx” by Boogie Down Productions.  In the late 1980s, he established his own small management & promotional company Red Alert Production.  He was instrumental in first breaking & promoting acts like Boogie Down Productions, A Tribe Called Quest, Queen Latifah, & Jazzy B.  His company later discovered & began managing Monie Love, Black Sheep, Chi-Ali, & his nephew Mike Gee’s group The Jungle Brothers.  Red Alert was also integral in helping increase exposure getting Funkmaster Flex onto radio, even hiring him as his regular fill-in while at KISS-FM.  He’s received many awards – including the 1st lifetime achievement recipient during VH1's annual Hip Hop Honors; his own star on the Bronx Walk of Fame 2003; is the only DJ enshrined within the radio section at the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame in Ohio; & was previously appointed an honorary Music Ambassador seat by the U.N.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Official Video for Snow Tha Product's new Spanish crossover single "Nuestra Cancion Pt. 2"

As if Snow Tha Product wasn't already making waves as one of the rare young lyrical female emcees of today, here's her brand new video for her 1st Spanish crossover single "Nuestra Cancion Pt. 2" (ft. Arcangel).  Directed by Jon J., together they turn Paterson, NJ into a hot Latin dance paradise.  Adding the catchy touch of the Arcangel feature, helps make this record a legit potential reggaeton club hit.  Snow's been currently using this single as a closer on her 35-date Vibe Higher Tour across the US trying to showcase her multi-dimensional & multi-genre skill set.  Check it out & Enjoy...

Thursday, October 19, 2017


WELCOME BACK family & friends...
Announcing the grand re-opening of "DOC'S MIND".  After a 6-year break; I'm happy to say I'm officially reviving my blog again as a soapbox where I'll be sharing my mind, opinions, articles, rants, music, music reviews, music biz stories, and anything that interests me.  Due to my excitement, I'll also be kicking off new weekly posts & activities to keep this blog poppin' again & more interesting.  Hopefully we'll keep you coming back!!

New Activities:







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Remember, if you are an artist/producer yourself, send music our way so we can check it out. Feel free to leave comments, and please follow/bookmark this blog if you like it... And tell a friend to tell a friend.  The more traffic I get here, the more downloads I will put up.  Enjoy & Stay tuned!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Official Video of J.Cole's new single "Work Out"

Here's the brand new video for "Work Out" from J. Cole, the 26-year old Roc Nation-signed rapper. Recently on Twitter, Cole announced that his debut album "Cole World: The Sideline Story" will be released in stores on September 27. I feel that this record is a good end-of-summer jam to hype us for the album. Enjoy...

Additionally, you know I can't get outta here without giving away something free to yall here's a FREE DOWNLOAD LINK for the above song "Work Out"...Hope you Enjoy!

Dee-1's official video for new single "The One That Got Away" (ft. Mannie Fresh)

Dee-1 is a New Orleans-rapper bringing some fresh air to the southern rap scene. He's got a LSU college education, is an ex-middle school teacher, opts to use no profanity in his lyrics, and was recently honored with a XXL Magazine's Show & Prove article. Off the heels of touring to support his latest mixtape 'I Hope They Hear Me Vol. 2', here's the official video for his newest single, "The One That Got Away", which features Mannie Fresh. Dee-1 is my fam on facebook, and I'm liking the humbleness he's bringing to the game, so please check it out and support. Hope you enjoy...

Additionally, you know I can't get outta here without giving away something free to yall here's a FREE DOWNLOAD LINK for the above song "The One That Got Away"...Hope you Enjoy!

Young Jeezy Interviews w/ 93.7FM Connecticut: Speaks on new single, a new mixtape before the TM103 album, and looking for new talent.

Young Jeezy, the 33-year old Grammy-nominated rapper from Atlanta, has a confirmed September 20th release date for his next album 'TM103' and is starting to get excited. While sitting down with Jenny Boom Boom @ Hot 93.7FM Connecticut, Jeezy discusses his new single "Shake Life", an announced remix he's working on, his plan to release a new 'Real Is Back Pt. 2' mixtape before TM103 drops, and how he's looking to sign more talent at CTE Worldwide. Enjoy...